Salisbury Presbyterian Church

Founded in April 1965, Salisbury Presbyterian seeks to engage our Church members and allow them to experience the love of Christ within our Church family, to feel connected as a Church member, and to feel appreciated as a vital part of the body of Christ as it is expressed in this church body.
We care for each other in times of joy and in times of concern, and gather in fellowship to grow together in Christ’s love. 
We invite you to learn more about the church by visiting our website or by clicking on the logo to the left.
Salisbury Presbyterian Preschool was organized and has been operated by the Salisbury Presbyterian Church since August 1984.  It continues to be a vital part of the church’s ministry.  The Preschool is coordinated by the Director under the guidance of the Preschool Committee reporting to the Church’s standing committee on Christian Education.
Our goal as a preschool is to combine experience with compassion, enthusiasm and knowledge to create a quality program in a Christian setting. We enjoy providing meaningful experiences within a developmentally appropriate infrastructure for preschool age children.
To learn more about the preschool, please visit our website or click on the logo to the right.