Holiday Luminaries

Salisbury’s luminary tradition started years ago by the four founding families of Salisbury Presbyterian Church. They wanted to light the way to the church on Christmas Eve. Every year around 4:00pm, neighbors met outside of their homes to exchange Christmas cheer and light luminaries. Over the years the tradition has been kept alive by SHOA and now the Salisbury Mothers Club. The Salisbury Mothers Club sells around 6,000 luminaries per year to Salisbury residents with proceeds benefiting “Christmas Mother” and many other local charities! Luminaries are placed along resident front yards and in common areas of Salisbury. 
Every December, members of The Salisbury Mothers Club organize and sell luminaries via front porch sales and at the Club's annual Santa event at Wishing Well Park. On Christmas Eve, or on New Year's Eve, if Christmas Eve is rainy, club members and Salisbury resident volunteers gather at Wishing Well to fill over 500 bags with sand for lighting and placement along common areas in the neighborhood.  
Please contact The Salisbury Mothers Club for more information about their annual luminary sales event.